Reclaimed Wood Bath Tray

Reclaimed Wood Bath Tray

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  • PLEASE NOTE - This item is Handmade to order. We are currently operating at a **2-3 WEEK TURNAROUND**

  • This is a rectangular tray that is offered in 4 different size options: 29", 31", 33" or 36" long. 

  • To find the correct size for your bath tray simply measure the distance between the inside edges of your tub. We recommend choosing a tray that will leave you with a little overhang on both sides so the tray will rest securely. For example: If the inside edges of your tub measures 29" you would want to choose the 31" tray rather than the 29" tray. 

  • There are two handles, one on each end for easy moving!

  • Handles are a rustic, matte black

  • Each tray is totally unique and one of a kind as it is made to order from recycled wooden pallets that we salvage from local businesses in Terre Haute, Indiana. This item is consistently a customer favorite. Sturdy and functional but also rustic and beautiful. This piece makes it easy to treat yourself to a hot bath and good book after a long day, or even serve breakfast in bed on a Saturday morning. 

  • *Please note* Since we are working with reclaimed wood that we salvage from multiple locations you tray will NOT look identical to the photos above. Each tray is going to have a unique character and color tone that will be one of a kind to your item. If you are looking for a specific color tone (grey, tan, dark brown etc.) please email me and we will do our very best to accommodate you!

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