Reclaimed Wood Double Triangle Shelf

Reclaimed Wood Double Triangle Shelf

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  • PLEASE NOTE - This item is Handmade to order. We are currently operating at a **2-3 WEEK TURNAROUND**

  • Base of shelf is a total of 24" long. Triangles themselves are 12"

  • Depth is approximately 3.5"

  • All Triangle Shelves in our collection can be hung straight onto nails in the wall, but customer can choose to add hardware to their order.

  • Hanging hardware are two mollys and screws. Shelf will come with hanging instructions.

  • Make a statement with this beautiful Double Triangle Design! All Triangle Shelves are made from recycled wooden pallets that we salvage from local small businesses in Indiana. Each shelf is special and one of a kind for your home! Color tone, character and details will be unique. The double triangle gives you functional storage that is sure to be an eye catching statement for any space. 

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