Reclaimed Wood 2 Tiered Hanging Shelf

Reclaimed Wood 2 Tiered Hanging Shelf

from 45.00

Our Hanging Shelves are made from recycled wooden pallets that we salvage from local small businesses in Indiana. Each shelf is special and one of a kind for your home! Color tone, character and details will be unique. 

  • PLEASE NOTE - This item is Handmade to order. We are currently operating at a **2-3 WEEK TURNAROUND**

  • Hanging shelves are a great option in a small apartment, or anywhere you want to save a bit of floor space

  • Each tier (board) measures approximately 21" x 5"

  • Entire shelf measures approximately 45" from the knot to the bottom shelf

  • Loop is tied in a slip knot so height can be adjusted as needed

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