Extra Large Essential Oil Storage

Extra Large Essential Oil Storage


This is a beautiful Shelf for Organizing and Storing Essential Oils handcrafted from Reclaimed Pallet Wood. Each shelf is handmade to order from recycled wooden pallets we salvage from local businesses in Indiana. Each shelf will have unique color tones and character.

  • PLEASE NOTE - We are currently operating at a **3 WEEK TURNAROUND**

  • Dimensions are approximately 16" x 25" with 5 shelves.

  • Depth of each shelf is approximately 1.5" so it is the perfect size for essential oils!

  • This size can hold 75+ Oils

  • This item comes with a sturdy piece of hardware attached to the back for easy hanging.

  • You can either hang this shelf on the wall or lean it up against the wall depending on your space! This is the perfect piece for a bedroom or bathroom. Allows perfect essential oil organization without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. 

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