3 Ways to style Reclaimed Wood Triangles

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.
— William Morris

Living in a small space can be challenging...but, it can also be a great opportunity to clear out the clutter and force you to think about what you really want and need. When you don't have endless square footage to play with it forces you to get creative! Rather than having all my decor out at once, I'm constantly switching things up and cycling things in and out of my bedroom. This keeps the space feeling fresh. One thing people always comment on after looking at my Instagram is that they can't believe most of the photos are taken in my room because it always look so different. It's amazing how a few small styling tricks can totally change the entire look and vibe...no paint or new purchases necessary!

If your space feels like it's in a rut but you don't want blow the bank here are a few ideas:
1) Move your furniture around! This is probably obvious but this simple step can open up new possibilities and ignite your creativity.

2) Add or remove throws and pillows to give focus to different colors.

3) Switch up which items are on you bedside table, dresser, shelves etc. Simple vignettes add a lot of impact to the room.

4) Add seasonally appropriate touches. Something I do around the spring is pick wildflowers or cut fresh branches off the trees and stick them in various jars and bottles. This is also a great idea for free centerpieces. 

5) Change your statement or focal pieces. Something you notice from looking at my Instagram is that I have a large blank wall above my bed that is always sporting something new. One week it'll be an old, thrifted window, the next a large wall hanging, the next a set of shelves...I've even had a blanket hanging behind the headboard! Try looking around your home and seeing what you could relocate...if nothing there is inspiring you hit your local thrift store! I've found amazing pieces for as little as $10!

Since this is something I get asked about so much I though I'd write some posts highlighting different ways small changes can make a big difference! Today, I'm showing you 3 ways to style our Reclaimed Wood Triangle Shelves! This is great example of how minor changes make a big difference!

3 Ways to style Reclaimed Wood Triangles
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Rustic Chic Christmas Decor Inspiration With Reclaimed Wood Breakfast Tray

Hi Friends! I am not what you would call an aspiring blogger, just a gal who loves to take photos and compulsively decorate and style (and restyle again) every single space I come in contact with. This all started when I was a little girl and would spend literally hours setting up houses for my Barbies and American Girl Dolls (Yes, I was that child). I had all the American Girl Doll furniture and eventually started making my own decorations. I would meticulously set up rooms for each doll based on the "style" and "personality" I was sure each one had. Since starting my own business and line of home decor items, this habit has taken on a new meaning. I love being able to display my items in an actual home, styled in a way that makes sense to my customers. Since I have WAY too much fun with each shoot, I use one photo for Instagram and then end up with with a copious amount of detail shots that I never do anything with. Recently I had a sweet friend suggest that I make a Home Decor Blog! So, I will now be occasionally posting photo heavy posts that display some products from own line + thrifted finds and other small shops that I love! ...maybe even some occasional DIY!

For this first post here is some snaps of living room decorated for the Holidays featuring one of my reclaimed wood breakfast trays! You can click here to purchase the tray.

Our home, like our Christmas tree, tends to be an eclectic mix of old and new, rustic and modern. For example the books I have styled on the tray are actually gifts from either my mother's grandmother or my grandfather who was a carpenter and antique dealer. The large glass bottle that we've filled with Christmas lights was a thrifted find, and many of our knick knacks are vintage, antique or simply found at random yard sales or the local Goodwill. I get SO excited about these types of pieces that have character, soul, and a story. Pair them with some fun, modern prints and colors (like our pillows and footstool) and I think you can really create a space that feels special and unique but also liveable...not like your home is a museum. 

The metal wall art is from Hobby Lobby, the coffee table from Pier 1 Imports and the pillows and throws are a mix from all over! Click here to purchase the beautiful cream turkish throw from a small shop I adore called Mae Woven. You can't really see the detail in these photos but the pinecones were a really fun DIY I did for some Holiday Markets. Simply collect some pinecones, lightly spray with silver or gold spray paint (the glitter spray paint is especially pretty!) arrange in a glass bowl, terrarium, mason jars, etc....and viola! Simple and budget friendly. 

As stated before I am by no means a professional blogger (and I'm 100% sure I never will be) but I LOVE all the color tones, textures and cozy vibes of these photos. Looking at them makes me feel happy and inspired and I hope they do the same for you! Thanks for reading! You can give us a follow on instagram at @fernwehhome and share any thoughts or questions you may have!




With T-minus 2 days until Christmas, we're bringing you more of our favorites for the season. We ope you find yourself surrounded with loved ones, pretty packages, lots of cookies, and loads of thankfulness this weekend.


Gingerbread layer cake that we'd love to eat any time of year!

Classic and pretty fireplace decor; perfect for the holidays.

Some fresh winter greenery makes any package pop. Love the simplicity.

Tis the season for cozy flannels.

Sleeping at Last's 2016 Christmas album is so so peaceful. Download it free from NoiseTrade

Much Love, Fernweh Supply Co.


Once again we're devoting our Friday Favorites to all things, cozy, warm, and festive. With the countdown to Christmas dwindling down day by day, we hope these favorites put your in the holiday spirit. 

Pretty packages are half of the fun of giving and receiving gifts!

WOW! We would love to spend the holidays in this cozy winter cabin.

A perfect winter morning is spent with a warm blanket and a cup of coffee.

The ultimate cozy, comfort food dinner; chili. 

Just found something else to add to the Christmas list...so adorable.

Happy Weekend and wishing you the warmest of holidays.


The days are getting colder and shorter. It's more tempting than ever to stay warm and cozy inside. This week's favorites were picked with the winter season in mind.

Hot tea would taste that much better with water boiled in this perfect copper kettle.

Pretty much THE most simple holiday DIY on the Internet.

Upcoming Christmas cookie exchange? We've got you covered with this recipe

These are a few of our favorite things!

Cozy winter style and a cute boho look.

Happy Weekend, friends!


For the month of December, we're taking a break from posting on our 'Fight the Mundane Mondays' Playlist and doing something more festive! We've created a Spotify playlist of 50 Christmas songs for you to enjoy as you wrap presents, sip hot chocolate, decorate the tree, or exchange gifts with friends.

We wish you the the warmest and happiest of holidays!



It's December, which means the holiday craziness is in full gear. We love picking out the Christmas tree, making tons of cookies, and cozy-ing up by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate. What are some of your favorite holiday traditions? Hopefully some of our Friday Favorites will inspire you as you anticipate the fast-approaching holidays! 


A unique and classy coat for the colder days approaching.

Festive touches in a simply decorated home.

If you're a chai tea lover, it doesn't get more authentic than this recipe.

An adorable advent calendar. It's not to late to make one for your own home!

Jack Johnson's Christmas album is one of our faves.

Have an amazing weekend!