Help send Mel to Hawaii!

Hi Friends! MAJOR PSA!! For a long time I have felt called to be using this business for something greater than myself but wasn't quite sure what that looked like. Then one day it popped up on facebook that this amazing gal and friend from college name Melanie Woodruff has said YES to serving with an organization called Surf for the Nations in Hawaii staring this September. The thing is it's 100% volunteer work and she's not quite sure how she's going to get there. I think it's truly amazing when people take big chances and say YES to their calling even when all the pieces aren't quite lining up and it's so important to support that!! I think I'm good at supporting peoples dreams with words and "encouraging thoughts" but not so much beyond that. SO she and I are teaming up and starting right now I will be donating $5 from each sale here and on Etsy to support her journey! I just wanted to take a sec and share this with because you all have become and amazing community of not just customers but friends and have supported my dreams in the most incredible ways! All I ask is you take the time to read her story, and keep her in your thought and prayers ❤️ And be sure to check out @m3lideli Because she is one talented, kind and inspiring human!! 

Hi! If you're reading this right now I would love to just take a minute + introduce myself.

My name is Melanie Woodruff, but you can call me Mel. 

I'm a hardcore dreamer; I'm the kind of person that has way too many visions and passions to do just one/even know where to begin. I'm also a lover of chocolate chip cookies, Jesus Christ, my family + friends, riding bikes, dancing, and jamming my heart out to my Spotify playlists. I'm a creative, if you will, mainly loving working on graphic design/hand-lettering pieces, and also taking pictures (NO, I am NOT a photographer, but man do I love capturing the moments that I want to bottle up for the rest of my life...if you need a photographer though, hmu, I know a few solid ones.) Some other random facts just to know about me include:

1. I believe in good company + delicious food, preferably enjoying both at the same time.

2. Dogs...need I say more.

3. High School Musical all the way baby. (never not swooning over Troy Bolton, can I get an amen?)

4. t h e l i t t l e t h i n g s k i l l m e d a i l y 

5. I'm enneagram type 9 with a 1 wing. 

6. I love making lists.

7. My top apps are Instagram (@m3lideli, self-promo for 5k?), Spotify, and the Cash App.

8. Peonies are my favorite flower.

9. Sneakers are becoming my ultimate jam.

10. Slow, easy going mornings are very underrated + everyone should give them a shot. 

Now that we know each other a bit more, the big exciting news is that this coming September I'll be MOVING TO HAWAII FOR 3 MONTHS. All.of.the.emotions. To sum this up shortly, I'll be going to Hawaii to work with an amazing nonprofit organization called Surfing the Nations which is all about selfless service & pouring back into the lives of those in the community around them. It's wild because this is totally not like me to pick up and move out to the Pacific ocean, but I'm doing it. Sometimes God puts something on your heart and you're all, God, are You for real right now? Like, Lord, I don't even have all the details, do I think I can even do this? Am I capable? And sometimes He says JUST GO. So that's what I'm doing. I'm going & I'm ecstatic. I'll be working 40 hours a week and it is all volunteer work, therefore I'm raising money for the time that I will be out there. It's so wild to think that I'm doing this, but I'm so pumped to see in what ways I'll grow, the people I'll meet, & to embark on this super exciting adventure ahead of me. Hawaii, I'm coming for ya.

Thanks for reading,


She also has a go fund me here if you feel compelled to support her journey further.