Est. 2015

Fernweh Home provides reclaimed woodworks & curated goods to satisfy the adventurer in you. 

Hello! I'm Grace- Thank you for stopping by my little shop!

I'm a globetrotter from small town Indiana and the girl behind Fernweh Home! I always joke that I'm equal parts adventurer and homebody so most of my life is spent either on the couch with my pups or on some kind of road trip....It's all about balance right?! I'm a big fan of yoga, low key social events and aimlessly browsing whole foods grocery stores. On a typical day you can find me in mismatched athletic wear building all the things in my home workshop with a black cup of coffee in hand.

A few "fun" facts (or not, what makes a fact fun anyways?): I was a competitive gymnast for 13 years, I absolutely hate wearing shoes, I've seen The Office so many times I can practically quote it verbatim, I've visited 12 different countries, my nose has been broken a total of 3 times and Sour Patch Kids are forever my candy of choice (but NOT the orange ones!) 

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to own a brick and mortar shop, but right out of college this isn't the easiest thing to do. After graduating with a Graphic Design Degree I spent almost 6 months doing odd jobs and feeling totally lost and unfulfilled. I loved the creative aspect of my degree (and now also do freelance design for other small businesses on the side) but couldn't figure out where I'd fit in a corporate work environment. I reached a point where I had literally $3 in my bank account and no direction. Sitting at my kitchen table I decided to take a chance and resurrect a long time dream. Thanks to the support of my amazing family I was able to launch a simple website selling 15 different Falsa Blankets.

Over a year later Fernweh Home has become a family affair. The entire business is run out of my home workspace with LOTS of help from my parents and siblings. My dad and I work together to create all reclaimed wood items, my mom is an amazing idea generator/sounding board and my brother and sister help with everything from cutting pallets to shipping out orders. 

The vision behind Fernweh Home is a certain type of lifestyle and mindset but also something that is very personal. Fernweh is a German word meaning wanderlust, a desire to travel or a longing for far off places. My first international excursion was at 13 and since then I've been blessed to visit 12 different countries. There is a little else more inspiring to me than exploring new places and It was incredible to realize at such a young age that there was SO much more to the world than my limited view. But you know the older I get the more I've realized that a love for adventure is SO much more than camping and traveling overseas and collecting these exciting, insta worthy images. It's a whole lifestyle and mindset. It's willing to be brave, try new things and truly show up and be an active participant in your life. So that's truly why my brand is named Fernweh. It's a reminder to myself (and hopefully others as well!) to keep saying yes to hard things and continue creating a lifestyle of everyday adventures. 

Everything in my shop is either carefully built or curated with the intention of bringing a little Fernweh into you home and hopefully your life.

I hope my shop can assist your everyday adventurer within


But enough about me...more importantly I want to hear about YOU! The best way to connect is through instagram stop by and say hello!