What Does "Fernweh" Mean?

  • The vision behind Fernweh Home is a certain type of lifestyle and mindset but also something that is very personal. Fernweh is a German word meaning wanderlust, a desire to travel or a longing for far off places. My first international excursion was at 13 and since then I've been blessed to visit 12 different countries. There is a little else more inspiring to me than exploring new places and It was incredible to realize at such a young age that there was SO much more to the world than my limited view. But you know the older I get the more I've realized that a love for adventure is SO much more than camping and traveling overseas and collecting these exciting, insta worthy images. It's a whole lifestyle and mindset. It's willing to be brave, try new things and truly show up and be an active participant in your life. So that's truly why my brand is named Fernweh. It's a reminder to myself (and hopefully others as well!) to keep saying yes to hard things and continue creating a lifestyle of everyday adventures. 


  • All Reclaimed Wood items are 100% handcrafted from start to finish in house in Terre Haute, IN. My Grandfather was a master carpenter and my dad has done everything from build apartments to roof houses to remodels etc. etc. for over 30 years. I am so happy to be carrying on a family tradition! 

Does Fernweh Sell Internationally?

  • We do! If you are overseas and would like to purchase please contact me at grace@fernwehsupply.co with the items you are interested in and I will work with you to provide the most affordable shipping estimate possible! 

Does Fernweh sell wholesale?

  • Yes! We do offer wholesale on all Falsa blankets! Please email grace@fernwehsupply.co

Does Fernweh have an actual storefront?

Can I have a Falsa Blanket Customized to Color or Size?

  • Unfortunately we are not able to offer customization of Falsa blankets in colors or sizes. We do our best to provide a large variety of colors and inventory is constantly changing...new colors are usually added monthly.  

How do I wash my Falsa Blanket?

  • One of the great things about Falsa Blankets is their low maintenance!

    We suggest separating from other items for the first wash to prevent color bleeding. Just wash on a cool, gentle cycle. Hanging out to dry is ideal but if not just throw in the washing machine on a low setting. Do not iron. Our falsas are 10% heavier than our competition's, so your blanket will become softer, fuller and more personal with each wash. Custom made means that each Falsa is unique and has its own story. The more you incorporate our Falsas into your everyday adventures, the deeper this story will become.