Reclaimed Wood Hanging Shelf

Reclaimed Wood Hanging Shelf

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Our Hanging Shelves are made from recycled wooden pallets that we salvage from local small businesses in Indiana. Each shelf is special and one of a kind for your home! Color tone, character and details will be unique. 

  • PLEASE NOTE - This item is Handmade to order. We are currently operating at a **2-3 WEEK TURNAROUND**

  • -Dimensions for Base of Shelf: 18x5.5"

  • -From top of the loop to shelf the total height is approximately 38"

  • -Rope is tied in a slip knot so height can be adjusted as needed

  • -The loop can be hung directly onto a nail in the wall or there is the option to add hardware to your order for extra stability.

  • -Hanging hardware is one molly and screw.

  • -To hang: The large screw goes into the wall and the loop in the rope fits over it. Once you fit the loop over the screw tighten the slip knot down. The molly should be used if you are unable to find a stud in the wall to ensure proper stability (This is what is shown in the photo above)

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