XL Three Tier Reclaimed Wood Hanging Shelf

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XL Three Tier Reclaimed Wood Hanging Shelf

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WE ARE SO EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE FERNWEH HOME WILL BE PARTICIPATING IN THE MAGNOLIA SILOBRATION IN WACO, TX! The shop will remain open but our turn around time is extended. Anything ordered after October 1 will not be built till after Oct 24 and we are not able to take any custom orders or requests at this time. Thanks!

This is a beautiful Hanging Shelf Handcrafted from Reclaimed Pallet Wood. This is a larger version of our 3 Tier Hanging Shelf. 

Each Shelf is totally Unique and One of a Kind as it is handcrafted from reclaimed pallet wood that we salvage from local small businesses. 

It's a great option in a small apartment, or anywhere you want to save a bit of floor space. Really fun in a garden or porch setting to hold your plants! My family has one hanging in front of a window for our succulents. The possibilities are endless, functional and beautiful in any room! 

This is a long rectangular shelf with each tier (board) measuring approximately 26x5.5"...there are 4 strands of cotton rope to suspend the shelf, and a loop at the top for easy hanging. The entire shelf measures approximately 60" from the knot to the bottom shelf, but the knot can be adjusted to make the shelf either a bit longer or shorter. The rope is very strong and durable and can hold quite a bit of weight. 

You can choose a couple options when checking out:
No hardware included,
Ceiling Hanger Included (A molly and hook. Hook screws either right into the ceiling or use the molly if you would like added support for heavy items)
Wall Hanger Included (A screw and a molly. The large screw goes into the wall and the loop in the rope fits over it. This is what is shown above in the main listing photograph. The molly should be used if you are unable to find a stud in the wall to ensure proper stability) 

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