Faye Long Handled Basket

Faye Long Handled Basket

  • Faye measures Approximately 19" in diameter

  • Handwoven from 100% palm leaf from the doum plant

  • If your basket becomes mis-shapen: simply dampen the palm leaf either with a spray bottle or wet cloth, re-shape as necessary and leave to dry

  • Natural Leather Straps for easy carrying and durability

This beautiful Faye market bag is fair trade/ethically handmade by highly skilled craftsmen in a small, family artisanal workshop in Morocco. The craftsmen design these baskets to have unique character and detail and they will continue to age beautifully with time and use!

As each Basket is 100% handmade there will be unique details to each. Characteristics & quirks will only enhance the story and individuality of your basket.

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