Are you interested in having a woodworking piece customized? Would you like something totally original and one of a kind created for your home? We take commissions and would love to hear your ideas! We have finished over 50 Reclaimed Wood Custom Pieces for customers around the US and the world!

Do you love rustic yet high quality pieces, geometric shapes, and home goods that are practical AND aesthetically pleasing? Of course you do and we couldn't agree more! Are you looking for a unique piece for that difficult to style blank wall in your home or larger than life shelving units for your storefront? Do you need a single large scale piece to knock the socks off your friends and family or 50 individual triangles in various sizes? Fernweh can make it for you! We love collaborating with customers and giving shape to their ideas and dreams. If you'd like to partner with use to create something beautiful than simply fill out the form below. Be sure to include some basic info such as:

  • The size of the desired commission if known
  • A bit about YOU! Tell us what you currently enjoy about your home or retail space and explain your vision for this new piece! What would you like it to add? What is it's purpose?
  • Include if you'd like the piece in reclaimed wood or another material such as untreated pine. 
  • Describe the space in which you plan to display the piece, if known (You are more than welcome to include pictures too!)
Name *

After reviewing this info we will contact you ASAP and begin the creative brainstorming process! Once the details are nailed down (no pun intended) including pricing, estimated time line of completion etc. we will send you a contract to be signed outlining the agreed upon terms. We do require 50% upfront payment for commission orders with the other 50% being collected upon completion. 

We are more than happy to work within a specified deadline, but please keep in mind that we are constantly building for out own retail orders and have other commissions going so you the farther you can schedule in advance the better. It is import to us that we can 100% guarantee completion and satisfaction for each and every item! 

We will send photos of each piece before mailing it to you and if you are not completely satisfied we are more than happy to work with you and allow one round of alterations to the piece. If you love it (we will all celebrate lots) and your item(s) will be mailed to it's new home ASAP Via priority mail. 

Please feel free to contact us with any other questions...we can't wait to work with you!