Sand Pom Pom Blanket

Sand Pom Pom Blanket


NOTE** As these blankets are handwoven, there are unique characteristics. When I was closely examining this color I realized each blanket had some areas that looked faintly pink (examples shown in last three photos but it is hard to capture with camera). It looks like the weavers used actual fibers that had a pink tint to them. I didn't even notice it when styling at first but felt way better about being honest and selling at a discount. 

  • These gorgeous Moroccan Pom Pom blankets are ethically sourced from Morocco (weavers are paid a very fair wage in exchange for their artistry.)

  • Each blanket is handwoven from 100% cotton with thick, soft tassels on both ends

  • Measures about 9.9' x 6.5'!

  • Thick and weighs about 6 lbs. Very high quality feel!

  • Sand is light tan color.

  • This very neutral, solid blanket is an ideal addition to a bed with a patterned comforter or for layering with colored textiles and throws as shown in the photos! Find additional throws to mix and match here

  • Bed shown in photos is a full size and blanket is actually folded in half, so plenty large enough to fit larger bed sizes as well.

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